99 Pieces of Art on the Wall

This fun-playful exhibition at cre8ery gallery and studio at 125 Adelaide Street in the Exchange features cre8ery artist members in different mediums: acrylics, mixed media, drawings, digital paintings, photography, watercolour, pencil, monoprints, pen/ink, & ceramics. Pieces range from 5″ x 7″ to 20″x20″. As the song goes, there are 99 them to start. Once a piece sells, it is packaged up and given to the buyer. See something you like? Act fast, it may not be there long! *cash, chq, credit card accepted *All works are priced $20-$200

Anna Araoz
Annette Havens
Barb Watson
Cathleen Hues
Connie Wawruck Hemmett
Courtney Smith
Dan Hawksworth
David Howell
Dodie Michell
Diane Blakeley
Irene Rowland
Jackie Turnbull
Jennifer Antonio
Jennifer Hallick
Jennifer Labella
Jill Booker
Kathleen Black
Kerry Knudson
Olivia Leader
Marcela Salazar
Marlene Roy
Marnie Donovan
Nikki Biffin
Patricia Best
Patricia Garrod
Paul Sparling
Robert Coulter
Richard Webb
Robert Steer
Ryan Dyck
Serena Wilson Stubson
Sheldon Dawson
Stephen Bryden
Susan Birdwise

Opening: January 5, 7-10pm, Additional Hours, Jan 7-16, 3pm, Tues to Friday, 12-6pm; Sat 12-5pm,