Body Positivity + Body Health: The Connection

Body Positivity + Body Health: The Connection

Body positivity is a powerful movement that has surfaced mainstream media in recent years! Modern culture and media favors one type of person and body, and idealizes it. It makes those who don’t fit that image feel – well, bad! I think its safe to say everyone has felt down on their appearance at some point, and some of us feel like that every single day.

Body positivity welcomes everyone to embrace their physical being, exactly how it is, at every moment. A body positive community (in real life, or online) helps one another dispell the myths that media teaches us. This takes work though, as we are faced with advertisements every. single. place we go. But it’s crucial not to buy into the advertisers body-shaming, for our health and well-being! Everybody is worthy of love and appreciation.

Health isn’t just a physical state, but a mental state as well. It isn’t fair to say that your healthy (and mentally healthy) if you hate your body. That being said, we can love our bodies – and focus on physical health too. That’s why we are so excited to put on this workshop with Brooke Van Ryssel. Let’s all learn together about how to incorporate mental well-being into our physical health and goals!

Brooke Van Ryssel is the owner of My Body Fitness and Nutrition, Winnipeg’s only body positive health + wellness company!

Body Positivity + Body Health: The Connection will take place in-store at Generation Green on Wednesday, March 28th at 5:30 p.m. Generation Green is located at 100-433 Main St. at Bannatyne Ave. Tickets are $20 and available in-store or online here.