Every Diamond Tells a Story

Every Diamond Tells a Story

omori1The world’s most important diamonds all have names. The Hope Diamond, The Tiffany Diamond, The Centenary, The Cullinan …every diamond of importance has a name but Jim and Chris Omori know that the most important diamond is the one that belongs to you.  The father and son team from Omori Diamonds believe that every couple or person who owns a diamond thinks that their diamond is the most important gem in the world.


Jim Omori

“Each person’s diamond represents a story in life about a significant moment, event or feeling, from love to career success,” said Chris Omori.

“We bring people the expert craftsmanship and personal service of a high-end jeweller at prices that compete with online stores.”

Omori Diamonds imports G.I.A. certified diamonds directly from the largest, most reputable, ethical sources in the world and produce their own jewellery. All of this is done on a per-order basis, specifically tailored to each client. “This allows us to provide a much larger selection of diamonds than a typical retail store, at much better pricing, while retaining an excellent in-person service. We find diamonds for our clients, not clients for our diamonds.”


Chris Omori

“What sets you apart from others is that we go to great lengths to provide our clients with the absolute best piece of jewellery possible. We search a worldwide network of the largest diamond dealers with whom we have built close relationships over the last few decades. We literally ‘go to the ends of the earth’ to find the best and brightest diamond, in keeping with our clients’ budget and style preference.”

Jewellery has always been a passion for the Omori’s with Jim having over 30 years of experience working as the General Manager for a large retailer in Vancouver. Jim has also been mentored by some of Canada’s top designers in Vancouver. It is their goal to bring that expert craftsmanship and passion to the modern customer in a way that is tailored to their style and budget.

We find diamonds for our clients, not clients for our diamonds.

omori2But the story behind the stone is still everything. Omori Diamonds offers a complimentary video of their design being created. This allows their clients an extra special appreciation of the artistry that goes into making an Omori design and to show their family and friends for years to come.