Last Week's Top Instagram Moments

Last Week’s Top Instagram Moments

@chantelingerie We’re getting ready for the tattoo show and couldn’t be more excited! Burlesque dancers get ready cause we’re comin for ya!

@chef_wigs Bringing back this dish from last spring. Inferno’s Bistro scallops, grilled polenta, confit tomatoes, prosciutto, pickled onion vinaigrette.

@nathandetroitswpg  When those choices are just too difficult to make…choose both! Texas Style French Toast with Bacon & Sausage 😍 Breakfast is on!

@poppchocolates Chocolate Diamonds… are a gals best friend~

@generationgreenwpg  Let’s talk about witch hazel! I use @thayersnatural as a toner to help with my winter dryness and soothe irritation and breakouts! Witch hazel can also be used to soothe sunburns, soothe eczema, relieve and prevent razor burn, heal cuts and bruises, and boost oral health (can be used inside the mouth)! We’ve got a few different scents stocked in the shop, open til 6:30