Nuit Blanche Winnipeg Announces Lineup

Winnipeg, MB (July 26, 2017) – From dusk ‘til dawn, it’s going to be a very interesting night on Saturday,
September 30th in Downtown Winnipeg!

Instant Coffee’s Khan Lee will prove W.O. Mitchell wrong at this year’s Nuit Blanche Winnipeg! You WILL be able to see the wind from his water and light-based installation, Red, Green and Blue. The Vancouver- based South Korean artist will be creating a small, shallow lake filled with cones of light right in the heart of the Exchange District. Shadows and light on the water will reveal the movements of the wind. Khan Lee’s Red, Green and Blue is funded by the Winnipeg Arts Council, Nuit Blanche Winnipeg’s Producing Partner.

A short walk away at The Market Lands (the former Public Safety Building), audiences can experience a huge glow-in-the-dark mural created by Barcelona artists María López and Javier de Riba. The Reskate Studio artists’ project comes to life courtesy of funding from Downtown Winnipeg BIZ’s Host It Downtown grant.

Nuit Blanche Winnipeg, supported by producing partner the Winnipeg Arts Council, is excited to present this year’s new featured projects and Open Call selections. In its 8th year, Nuit Blanche Winnipeg is the largest arts festival in the province and features illuminated sculptures, interactive artworks and one-of-a-kind experiences that showcases local, national and international artists.

“Nuit Blanche Winnipeg is a night many of us look forward to all year. It unites us in our celebration and
discovery of artists, community, and our city”, says Monica Lowe, Co-chair of Nuit Blanche Winnipeg.
Thirteen emerging and established Canadian artists chosen from Nuit Blanche Winnipeg’s two annual Open Calls – Illuminate the Night and Emerging Voices will display their interactive and engaging installations, projections and performances in Saint Boniface, the Exchange District, and central Downtown.

Illuminate the Night Projects (by mid-career and established Canadian artists):
• Overshadow 1 by Toronto-based artist Lyla Rye will project a video of an eclipse which prompts viewers to lean back on bean bag seats and stare into contemporary life.
• floating, by Ontario-based, Korean-born artist, Heejung Shin, which consists of 72 hand-sewn bags with a projection of origami paper boat overtop, is about the diaspora caused by social and cultural displacement.
• Homes by Winnipeg-based PelmuSnowbird will present an interactive video installation where the public can immerse themselves into two landscapes – Kristin Snowbird’s birthplace of Pine Creek and Theo Pelmus’ home of Romania.
• Keep Me Awake by Peg City Car Co-Op and RobYn Slade presents a Storytelling Shuttle
Service in which a storyteller will travel with the patrons, sharing a ride and a story to transport the body and the mind in two directions at once.
• Dominion: 16 Trajectories by Lawrence Bird, a Winnipeg- based urban designer, architect, and visual artist will project satellite and moving images harvested from 16 trajectories across the prairie landscape. The images are projection-mapped, with accompanying audio, and explore how we have demarcated and divided the prairies for colonization and profit — yet the prairies (and their image) fight back.
• Riot Resist Revolt Repeat is a new play by Anishinaabe playwright Frances Koncan that challenges
traditional theatrical forms and endeavors to create a multi-sensory, interactive performance experience for the audience.
• Mapping People by Thunder Bay-based multidisciplinary artists Julie Cosgrove and Riaz Mehmood will present a new-media interactive projection where viewers trigger a triangulated map generating a real time drawing that continually evolves.
• Insomnia by Antiscian Productions, is a movement-based performance that explores the relationship
between sleep and restlessness.
• The Light Within The Tunnel by Winnipeg-based artists Madeline Rae and Talia Shaaked, lets the audience experience the fluid physicality of curtain barriers, and bathe in the glow of projected video.
• The Wall of FAME by Winnipeg’s FLASH Photographic Festival will attempt to break a Guinness World Record and take portraits that will be projected onto the McKim Building for all to see.
Emerging Voices Projects (by emerging Manitoba student artists):
• Nuit Noire: Illuminate Our Voice by Black Space Winnipeg works towards inclusive and diverse spaces for people of colour while challenging anti-black racism and discrimination in the city and for one night. They want Winnipeg to become acquainted with the talent and passion that comes from their diverse collective.
• Rattling Change by the OliveUS Collective will present an interdisciplinary work that plays with space, time, notions of performance, and direct interactions with an audience.
• PEG by Calgary-born, Winnipeg-based artists Meighan Giesbrecht and Tia Watson, features an interactive installation that asks visitors to find a location on an illuminated map of Winnipeg and remove a Peg from that spot. The Peg becomes a souvenir and the map’s light becomes brighter.

During Nuit Blanche Winnipeg, a jury will award $2,000 cash to one or more emerging artists from the
Emerging Voices projects. The Emerging Voices Prize is generously sponsored by Winnipeg artist and former University of Manitoba School of Art professor Jeff Funnell.